Marching Bands and Bed Push in Forest Town

June 1983

By Malcolm & Pauline Marples

This must have been a very colourful event in Forest Town in June 1983 with so many young people taking part. How proud they all look as they march down Pump Hollow Road, and how interesting they were followed by a 'bed push'. It is surmised they all finished up on the Forest Town Welfare Sports Ground and the festivities carried on. Does anyone recognise themselves?

Photo:No 1

No 1

Chad T8414-04

Photo:No 2

No 2

Chad T8414-05

Photo:No 3

No 3

Chad T8414-07

Photo:No 4

No 4

Chad T8414-08

Photo:No 5

No 5

Chad T8414-09

Photo:No 6

No 6

Chad T8414-010

Photo:No 7

No 7

Chad T8414-11

Photo:No 8

No 8

Chad T8414-13

Photo:No 9

No 9

Chad T8414-14

Photo:No 10

No 10

Chad T8414-15

Photo:No 11

No 11

Chad T8414-15

Photo:No 12

No 12

Chad T8414-16

Photo:No 13

No 13

Chad T8414-16

Photo:No 14

No 14

Chad T8414-18

Photo:No 15

No 15

Chad T8414-19

Photo:No 16

No 16

Chad T8414-20

Photo:No 17

No 17

Chad T8414-22

Photo:No 18

No 18

Chad T8414-23

Photo:No 19

No 19

Chad T8414-23

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