Garibaldi Woods 'Clear Up'

School children find rare plant

By Pauline Marples

The clear up of Garibaldi woods/plantation in 1980 is still recalled today by some of the pupils who were involved.

Garibaldi Comprehensive School ran a nature group that used to visit the woods in some lunch hours, and as the newspaper report reveals this led to a 'Clean Up' session in the woods, which was the idea of some of the pupils. And to quote from the newspapers 'It is doubtful if they realised how monumental a task this would be, but nothing deterred them...they organise a sponsored rubbish pick, at so much a bag.'

Photo:Saved news cutting- August 1980

Saved news cutting- August 1980

Observer Newspaper

Photo:Close up of newspaper photo

Close up of newspaper photo


Mountains of bags were collected which the local council helped to remove. With the money raised it was planned to erect bird boxes, and with the help of the Forestry Commission plant a few trees.

Photo:'What a load of rubbish'

'What a load of rubbish'

CHAD K4483-36

Additional to the general rubbish there was four dumped cars which the youngsters  managed to break up and drag about half a mile to a collection point.

The also organised a questionnaire regarding the dumping of rubbish which was delivered to local households.

Rubbish was not the only thing discovered by the young nature enthusiasts, the previous year they were credited with finding a rare plant which had not previously been found in Nottinghamshire. The plant was an Amsinckia, a member of the Borridge family, it was suggested this had been imported with some Rhy from America.

The work of this group led to them being entered and reaching the finals of the Shell Better Britain Competition in 1980 - a competition that was designed to help young people clean up their environment. They were placed equal third in the Midland and South- west finals and were awarded a plaque, books and £25.

Photo:Adam Gammon, Teacher -Mrs Joan Unal , Carol Marples

Adam Gammon, Teacher -Mrs Joan Unal , Carol Marples

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Photo:One of the books presented to the pupils

One of the books presented to the pupils

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A very heartening story. The Spa ponds and their surrounding woodlands could do with a repeat performance. It's a shame how much litter and rubbish one finds once again in this very pleasant spot.

By Kim Hatton
On 19/08/2013