Moons Bakery May 1983

Did you shop there?

By Pauline Marples

Photo:Ready to serve.

Ready to serve.

CHAD T4515-25

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If my memory serves me right, Moon's Bakery was situated in Shirebrook, having shops in Shirebrook and Mansfield Queen Street. I cannot recall their other shops, maybe they had others in Woodhouse and Warsop. I do know that in the sixties, Landers tried unsuccessfully to buy them out. That was before Landers proceeded to open shops on Church Street and one very close to Moon's Shop on Queen Street. I do believe there is a photograph of both shops near to Syd Booth's Shop showing their closeness to each other. Ironic how both have now disappeared into history.

By alan curtis
On 08/05/2013

Other shops in Kirkby and Sutton. In the 90's they bought Scotts of Workshop, but all now sadly gone I believe.

By Gareth
On 06/07/2013

Have seen mention of a firm in Worksop called Moon Scott's Bakeries Ltd could this be a merger of two old firms?

By john scott
On 28/09/2015