Sketch of Low Bridge

Sheepbridge Lane

By Alan Curtis

It's just a quick Illustration of how I recall the railway bridge and Cinderella's Walk over Sheepbridge Lane. Originally the road and the railway were on the same level as the bridge and Cinderella's Walk, the stone had to be cut away for the road improvements to Sheepbridge Lane. One can see the impression of how the road was lowered to keep the Railway as it was.

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Do you remember how worn the steps were that went from Sheepbridge lane to Cinderella's Walk in the 1950s? They were replaced I think in the 1960s or 70s, must have had about 100 years of feet tramping up and down them, they would have been the original ones from when the Midland Railway Co. built them.

By Peter Bowler.
On 13/02/2013