My Family

The Cowpe-Pendletons

By Brian Cowpe-Pendleton

I was attracted to the name 'Newlands Farm' because members of my family lived there. I believe the last one was William Edward Cowpe who died there in 1959 aged 85. It would be wonderful if someone remembered them because there were quite a lot of them. My great great grandfather William Cowpe-Pendleton is buried at the rear of Mansfield Woodhouse Church with his wife Mercy and their eldest son Edward Cowpe. Some of the family dropped the Pendleton part of the name but my line kept it. I suspect that my three times great grandfather William Cowpe did not marry his housekeeper Hannah Pendleton and so some dropped that part of the name. William Cowpe came from Dunsil Farm, Teversal which is where I start my family tree. I would appreciate anyones re-colections or tales from those times

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From documentation on Forest Town I have - I suggest William Edward Cowpe moved to Newlands Farm around 1923, as Hannah Dorothy Cowpe (born 19 March 1915) started at Forest Town School on 16th February 1923. Her previous school was listed as Mansfield Woodhouse. Haanah left Forest Town School on 23 April 1926 to attend the Grammar School in Mansfield.

By Pauline Marples
On 07/01/2013

My Auntie, Carol Cowpe (through marriage, not blood) lives in Skegby and is a member of the Cowpe family mentioned above. She is 51 and has two sisters, also in the area. Her Father and Mother still live in Sutton-in-Ashfield, close to the former site of the Stoneyford Farm, where the Cowpe family moved to in the 1880's from Dunsil Farm. My Auntie does have some information on her family tree, which she acquired from her cousin, Kathleen.

By Sarah Longmead
On 01/04/2013

E W Cowpe-Pendleton Master Lodge of Friendship No 206 1955

By A W Beckinsale
On 21/03/2014

The Cowpes still live there as far as I'm aware.

By Tom
On 17/12/2014

I used to know some Cowpes who had a farm in Tibshelf Derbyshire.



By David Riley
On 04/01/2015

My name is John Cowpe. I live at Skegness. My late father was Samuel Cyril Pendleton Cowpe I have done some work on the family tree and would welcome any information about the Cowpes, Pendletons, Pendleton-Cowpes and Cowpe-Pendletons. I have received a great deal of help over the years from Kathleen Cowpe, a distant cousin from Sutton-in-Ashfield.

By John Cowpe
On 11/05/2016