Kate Moody Lane

Photo:Joan Cordall and brother Frank.

Joan Cordall and brother Frank.

Joan Cordall

By Joan Cordall

This is a photograph of myself and my brother Frank which was taken on Kate Moody Lane, overlooking Fisher Lane. Houses were built on the right hand side going down the hill towards Littleworth, where my mother was born. The name Kate Moody Lane was changed and I have often wondered why
this was. Does anyone know the reason this was changed? I have often wondered about this over the years and have never found out the reason why this happened. I have always referred to this Lane as Kate Moody Lane and as a child I recall disliking the name it was changed to.


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Why did they change it to Windsor Rd?

On 20/06/2012

Hi Joan, you stole my thunder about Kate Moody Lane. In David Bradbury's book, Mansfield in Pictures there is a 1913 map of Mansfield, from Littleworth to Southwell Road there are about 3 houses on the Lane. Change of name, Duke of Windsor? Windsors the Builders or Alderman? Mansfield Wesleyans FC's ground was also on Kate Moody Lane. They later took the name of Mansfield Town FC. They purchased Field Mill in 1919. There are a few street name changes from 1913 to the present day.

By Tom Shead
On 20/06/2012

So who was Kate Moody?

By Angela Roche
On 21/06/2012

I was born in the 1930s and lived on Nottingham Road. As a child I remember, in the late 1930s, Kate Moody, a large lady living on Nottingham Road. If you look at the photograph 'Waiting for Royalty' I think she lived in the house with the bill board on it but I have no idea if she was connected with Kate Moody Lane.

By Ian Blackwell
On 22/06/2012