Mansfield Band Stand

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By Pauline Marples

This snap shot has Mansfield Bandstand written on the back, but the mystery is which park is it in?

This page was added on 14/03/2012.
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Berry Hill Park. It used to get alot of use in the old days when the miners Gala and Brass Band Contest was held every June.

By Berisford Jones
On 15/03/2012

berry hill

By mark
On 15/03/2012

Think its Berry Hill Park

By andrew henshaw
On 15/03/2012

Yes for sure it is Berry Hill

By Angela Roche
On 15/03/2012

There used to be a bandstand very similar in construction on Carr Bank which was used extensively during the late spring/summer months There was also a bandstand on Titchfield Park but if my memory serves me right that was circular and of a more traditional design.

By Malcolm Raynor
On 14/05/2012

This is definitely at Berryhill park. I live just down the road from here and I always walk past it when I take the dog for a walk.

By annoymous
On 10/07/2012

Really pleased to see a mystery I could solve. I recognised the band stand in Berry Hill Park, I remember one time around 1977 Jim Callaghan speaking there, at one of the miners galas every summer, I was just a kid, they put a marquee up in front of the band stand, so the 'bandstand' became the stage for the speakers. Would love to see more pictures of Berry Hill, the camping exhibition used to be good. I remember It's A Knockout, fishing for sticklebacks, tadpoles and the odd newt in the pond in summer and sledging in the winter good times.

By Worzel
On 14/12/2013