Mansfield Mystery

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By Ralph Holt

Where is it?

What purpose or use?

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One end of a stone trough

By michael wilson
On 17/02/2012

Is it in the corner of the car park on Toothill Lane at the back of the Handley Arcade? Could it be something to do with the fire service.......?

By Darren Turner
On 17/02/2012

Congratulations,this is on the car park,on Toothill Lane, the purpose I don't know, it has puzzled me for some time, It is on the site of the old fire station, but could have been brought from some other place.

By Ralph Holt
On 18/02/2012

Also on this site was the blacksmiths, would it have anything to do with that?

By Angela Roche
On 20/02/2012

This may be a positive lead, Angela,in the early days, blacksmiths often worked closely with the early fire brigades, maintaining, equipment, and of course the shoeing of horses. This could tie in with the stone trough, perhaps left as a momento of times past

By Ralph Holt
On 27/02/2012

Yes Ralph indeed could be relating to the blacksmith. Which was definetly on this site, as my great uncle John George Bramwell was the blacksmith here, and his son later became a fireman.

By Angela Roche
On 28/02/2012

The shape is that of, or very similar to, the metal head of a fire brigade ceiling hook. This was fitted onto a long pole to pull down unsafe ceilings after or during a fire.

By David Coxon
On 08/03/2013

I would suggest that it looks more like an anchor point for lifting tackle. Mounted at the top of a building it would provide an ideal fixing for a wrought iron anchorage that protruded from the building and to which pulley blocks etc. could be attached. Similar devices abound in Amsterdam, where at the time there was a tax based on the width of houses. They were therefore built very narrow and very high. This meant that the staircases were too narrow for the movement of furniture. hence the lifting apparatus to get your piano in through the window.

I was born and Bred in Glapwell in the 40's and served an apprenticeship at wiggies service dept on Bridge St Mansfield. The Old Mill as we knew it, Later becoming a restaurant simply called "The Mill"

By Ian Mellows
On 24/02/2015