Mansfield GPO Telephonists Cabaret 1963

By Liz Weston

Another fantastic photograph from the Chad.  Some of these ladies don't look very happy. Does anyone know whether the General Post Office telephonists put on a cabaret every year or was this just a one off?

Photo:Mansfield GPO telephonists cabaret 1963

Mansfield GPO telephonists cabaret 1963

Mansfield Chad

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The young lady second from the right is Miss Brenda Worrel.

By Alan Curtis
On 25/01/2012

The girl second from the left is my friend Sheila the staff used to have a 'do' at the Masonic Hall and the telephonists did a turn every year. She remembers that year they were dancing the Madison

By Yvonne
On 15/08/2012

The girl third from the left is Sheila Flowers and the one on the right is Shirley Ward nee Dove.

By Anne
On 24/11/2012

I am sure the first from the Left is Josie Bailey nee Kerry.

By Val
On 11/03/2013

I think the girl fourth from the left is Pauline Wetherbed.

By John Walker
On 29/06/2013

The first on the left is my mum Jose Bailey, nee Kerry

By Andy Bailey
On 31/08/2013

Further comment from my dad, he seems to think it was West End Ballroom. Both my parents use to dance with Thorpe and Hancock dancing school.

By Andy Bailey
On 04/09/2013


Did anyone know my mum Kathleen Cullen (Singleton) who worked at the Exchange for 15 years and left around 64/65. She has fond memories of the place.


By Emma Bush
On 03/03/2015