Mystery Photograph

Religious Event?

By Pauline Marples

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Mystery Photograph' page

This photograph was with some of Forest Town, but it does not fit in to any of the research done on this village. Can anyone throw any light on who the group may be, or what the event was?

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I have just come across the attached image [click to view]amongst my computer archives. It looks like the same mystery religious van that is on the new website, although it has different wording on it. It throws a little more light on to the subject.

By Dennis Hill
On 29/11/2009

This photo from Dennis is brilliant and I can now make out on the one I have put on the mystery photo that it also says THE CHURCH ARMY behind all the people. Interestingly the person that did the first services at St David's Mission Church in Forest Town (prior to St Alban's) was a member of the Church Army.

By Pauline Marples
On 29/11/2009

I'm not sure if this is relevant, but my great great uncle was a "primitive Methodist " and he used to attend open air services in Mansfield Market place apparently. Maybe this was one of those open air services?

By Caz Harris
On 20/02/2011

I've just found this information about the church army "In October 1899, the Wakefield Number 2 Diocesan Church Army Van was dedicated by the Bishop of Wakefield in the churchyard of Halifax Parish Church. It was to serve the Charlestown Parish. It was one of 65 similar vans in operation around the country" There are some more pics of a church army van too.

By Caz harris
On 20/02/2011

Yes, this is one of the 65 Church Army mobile missions. The gentleman with the peaked cap is dressed in the uniform of the Church Army. The words 'God is Love' gives the name of this particular van. Others include 'Emmanuel' (sic.) & 'Praise the Lord'. The photograph shows the van shortly after it was commisioned. It was repainted around 1912 and the style of lettering changed as can be seen on the Church Army history website.

By Tom Doig
On 03/04/2011

I am assuming there was no indication of who the photographer was on this picture?

By Darian Zam
On 12/02/2013

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