Harlow Wood Orthopaedic Hospital

The Duchess of Portland - Portrait

By Pauline Marples

Photo:The Duchess of Portland

The Duchess of Portland

HW Collection

The inscription on this portrait reads



presented to


on his marriage


JUNE 11th 1889

Many people who worked at, or visited Harlow Wood Orthopaedic Hospital, will recall this Painting of the Duchess of Portland, painted by Sir Hubert Herkomer VCO, RA. The painting hung for many years in the staff dining room. It was later moved to the Portland Room, next to the chapel. When the hospital closed in 1995 it was returned to Welbeck Estates.

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I am not convinced by the attribution of this painting to Herkomer. In "Men, Women and Things" the autobiography of the 6th Duke of Portland, the author lists the portrait painters of his acquaintance. (Page 218) "The first whom I call to memory was Mr (after) Sir J.J.Shannon. He painted a full length portrait of my wife as Miss Dallas-Yorke and the picture was presented to me by my English tenants as a wedding gift." Facing p.46 in the book is a black and white print of the portrait, credited to J.J.Shannon, and showing in great detail the background behind the Duchess which is not apparent in the colour reproduction on the website.

By Ralph Stone
On 01/04/2013

After contacting Welbeck about the painting back in 1999, I received a letter with information from the archivist which said the artist was Sir Hubert Herkomer VCO RA who was born 1849, Waai, Bavaria. Emigrated to England with his family in 1857. I will take a look at 'Men, Women and Things' next time I am in the library to look at the pages you mention. Pauline

By Pauline Marples
On 09/04/2013

Further to my earlier comment, a member of staff at the Welbeck Estate has now confirmed that the attribution of this painting to Hubert Herkomer is incorrect and Sir James Shannon, named by the 6th Duke in his Memoirs is indeed the artist.

By Ralph Stone
On 10/01/2014