Cumberland School, Ladybrook


By Ian Blackwell

Happy smiling faces with cup and trophy

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Cumberland School, Ladybrook' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Cumberland School, Ladybrook' page
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Lad on extreme right is Mick Gould very good local footballer

By Fred Newton
On 27/01/2013

The boy on the left IS NOT Mick Gold

By Brian Reece
On 01/12/2013

The signatures on the back of the photo (second illustration) name the people in the top photo.  Editors

By editors
On 01/12/2013

The man in the back row centre is of course Mr Paul Daniel, the woodwork and technical drawing teacher at Cumberland School during my time there from 1962-67. He was a bit scary I seem to remember, but a good teacher; Frank Lynes, back row second right lived opposite us on Daniel Crescent, Ladybrook.

By Richard Pinder
On 27/09/2014

Frank Lynes is on the front row, first left.

By paul wilewski
On 15/08/2015

Tony Penney is on the far right, standing and Peter Flower is third right, standing, his Dad was the local butcher

By Charles Hickling
On 16/12/2015

Does anyone know when Cumberland School was built?  I'm assuming it was at the same time as the housing estate was built?

By Angela Bramwell
On 24/05/2017

The estate was started in 1948, we moved into Beck Crescent in 1949 but Cumberlands school wasn't built until 1958.

By Linda Smith
On 31/05/2017

Great bunch of lads Kidder Wilkinson was a brilliant footballer and a great mate I miss him still.

By Andre Camilleri
On 27/03/2018