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The photographs in both 1972 and also 1967, show the grounds of the Old Meeting House. In the backround are Rooth street and Walkden street, and the top of the Lawn Mills can just be seen in the back ground.

By Angela Roche
On 25/03/2011

In 1891 Mary Mallatratt left £100 in her will to be invested by the Old Meeting House trustees, to be spent on the distribution of buns annually on Good Friday, to poor children. Mary Mallatratt was the widow of George Mallatratt, once the landlord of the Blue Boar Inn on Stockwell Gate.

By Angela Roche
On 28/03/2011

The tradition was in order to earn your bun you had to complete a circuit - out of the gates onto Stockwell Gate, right to Rosemary Street, along Rosemary Street and right into Rooth Street, through the Meeting House main gates and into the hall for your bun. If you wanted 'seconds' you had to complete another circuit.

By John Clay
On 25/02/2013

Yes, the tradition is maintained, and buns are still handed out each year on Good Friday morning in Walkden Street, as they were yesterday (29/03/2013).

By Patrick Timperley
On 01/04/2013

A lovely tradition maintained by the Unitarian Chapel. Here's  a gallery of images from the 2015 event.

By Si Barber
On 15/04/2015

Wonderful photo's! Does anyone know what the Street now known to us as Rooth St. was called before it took the name from the original leading down to the Meeting House?

By Barbara Brown
On 26/03/2016