Lost Mansfield

Sights you won't see today...

By David Bradbury

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Photo:Demolition of Highfield Terrace, 1991

Demolition of Highfield Terrace, 1991

David Bradbury

This page was added on 24/08/2009.
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I used to deliver milk to these houses in 1941

On 14/07/2010

I actually laughed when I saw this photo as it brings back memories for me. The end house was my grandma's and I can remember her refusing to move, so her house ended up standing a lot longer than the others. Ha ha, even the nets are still up!

By Sarah Wagstaff
On 20/01/2012

Interesting,so are we to assume that this is the row of houses that stands where SR Payne scrap metal merchants yard is currently situated? The far left hand side where you go up the units is the remains of two or more old houses? This looks to be the very place to me. Anybody?

By John
On 31/12/2014

These houses are where Burger king now stands. My childhood was spent living in the last knocked down house in the middle of the pic (12 Highfield Terrace NG18 1HG) 

The good old years when kids could play, and play we did.

By Fred
On 09/11/2016

The demolition picture of Highfield Terrace 1991, is in actual fact Sibthorpe Street off of Quarry Lane Mansfield.

By Clifford Burton
On 11/11/2016

Do you think that picture is Sibthorpe St, I lived on Bradder St don't remember them houses, I do remember  the scrap metal  business  and really a Burger King its miles from the centre  of Mansfield,  to honest I haven't  been there for years.

By Gary Noble
On 13/11/2016

The last house standing belonged to the Paddon family. 

By Tanya Ross
On 12/11/2017

"Lost Mansfield" the headlines are spot on, building and memories no more, we have what you would say unforgettable picture story's. Was there a beer off at the end of the street with stone steps to get to the shop door? How the town has changed and not just in this area, still they say that's progress.



By G.Burton former Woodus lad
On 13/11/2017