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Really sad to learn the foundry is no longer there but was interested to learn that the foundry made the enbankment lamp standards and post office boxes. Now when I worked at the Meadow Foundry in Mansfield (in the sixties) we got the work producing the very same things which I helped to make, it was rumoured that we got the work because thre original foundry couldnt do the work anymore!I never knew it was Maudes which was a pity because there was friendly rivalry between the apprentices as to who was the better foundry. I do remember once being very curious about the type of work the moulders did there and very early one morning on my way to work I managed to jump a wall and get inside and have a quick look around and leave before anyone spotted me, these were the daft things we used to get up to back then - fond memories - I only wish someone had taken photos of the Meadow foundry there seems to be nothing online which is a great pity .

By Anthony Holmes
On 01/07/2011

Anthony I to am  getting old but I worked at the Meadow Foundry around that time on the machine moulding section. I have vivid memories of that time and we made Post Boxes and also the Lamp Standards for the Thames Embankment. The Post boxes were the Town and Country Style not those you generally saw outside of London. I don't know if both companies were part of a same group but the was a lot of co-operation between Maudes and the Meadow Foundry I seem to think that was the case as we always had visits from a Leicester group of Companies.

By Malcolm Raynor
On 19/08/2013