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Thank you for your vivid pictures of Mansfield. I was only there for a short time at the age of 9. My mother and I were visiting my grandmother. She was very ill at the time. I do remember bits and pieces of my stay. I went to a school in Mansfield, St Philips. Is it still in existence? My grandmother at that time lived in Anneslley House. I believe I have some pictures of the house. Before living at Anneslley House grandma lived at Sherwood Hall. It would be nice to see some pictures of the house. It is another time that will never be seen again. There should be a picture in the news paper in Mansfield. Also, there is a picture hanging in the hall of the school that was built on the sight of Sherwood Hall. My parents and brother presented the picture to the school when they visited Mansfield. Please write and let me know if you would be able to add these pictures to your sight. Sincerely, Pauline D. Trevino (Granddaughter to Dr and Mrs Tweedie)

By Pauline D Trevino
On 17/02/2010

I have some information on this and the intention is to add a page on Sherwood Hall at a future date.

By Pauline Marples
On 18/02/2010

I totally agree about taking photos and keeping records of the past. I wish I had taken pictures of the old Ministry of Labour & National Services Building and its neighbour, the Labour Exchange on the corner of Victoria Street, opposite the Train Station. These have been home to a Polish Ex Servicemen's club, A Nightclub, a dance studio, and DHSS building. Now the only thing in their place is a car park that nobody uses. I pass it daily to and from work and have yet to see anyone use this car park.  It used to be a pleasure walking down Rosemary Street being able to see the Train Station on the hill, now I can even enjoy that privilege.

By John P
On 15/07/2011