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Absolutely Fabulous ----- to raise Funds for the museum and this site why not produce a book (A4 size at Least) there are many publishers who would I think jump at the chance of purchasing same and because of the quality of his work it may have an interest apart from being of local interest, or at least a pictorial calender as the Old Mansfield Society did some Years ago

By Malcolm Raynor
On 01/03/2012

I don't dispute that this is indeed a fine collection, but, just as an example, his picture of the Mansfield Pinxton carriage, those vehicles and the line they ran on had long gone before Buxton was born, in fact, nearly 20 years before he was born! How many of his other paintings of Mansfield are interpretations from his mind’s eye!

By Berisford Jones
On 22/08/2012

We are aware that the Pinxton picture was probably a copy from another painting etc. Like most artists there will be a certain amount of artistic licence used in their paintings, moving a tree or chimney pot to improve the composition. Never the less the Buxton collection is extremely important to the town, it includes paintings, sketches, photographs and books. Altogether they provide a portrait of Mansfield in a bygone age.

By Jodie Henshaw
On 22/08/2012

A marvellous collection.

By Peter Bowler
On 20/12/2012

I loved going to the museum to look at the Buxton collection, then years later on a visit back to England I was able to get a copy of 'Evans the nail maker', he was my grandmother's grandfather. I think the museum charged 4 pounds. We had to wait a couple of days for it because they had no copies on hand.

By Michael Thomas Prosser
On 07/03/2016