Living Whist

Forest Town School 1942/3

By Pauline Marples

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Living Whist' page

Private collection

Living Whist was performed on Mansfield Colliery Welfare grounds by Forest Town School children circa 1942/3.

Fifty two children were each dressed as a playing card. There were four canvas square screens erected at equal distances to form a square.

Four volunteers (adults) were chosen  to play whist. Music played and all the children danced round in whatever way they chose, in doing this they were shuffling the pack of cards.

When the music stopped thirteen children went into the nearest screen and these represented a hand. Someone declared Trumps and then play began.

Each player sent out a card just as they would if playing a normal game. When a trick was won the four cards would go to stand against whoever had won the trick.

The game proceeded just as a normal game until a winner was declared.

The photograph shows the children wearing Hearts and Clubs, at the back are the Jack, Queen and King of each set, these are written on the card but do not show up on the print. Some of the children named are;

Rosemary Atkins, Tony Newton, Reg/Jimmy Higginbottom,   Sheila Wass,  Alan Hawley,

Keith Newbury, Clarice Moxon, Eileen Foster, Josie (Jocelyn) Moxon, Charles Rowbottom,

Katherine Meadows,  ? Meadows, ? Belcher.

This photo and article were on the front cover of the Forest Town Crier Community Newspaper Issue 22 November 2004

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