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Hi Liz! I am so chuffed to have stumbled onto this site. I was the Mascot for the Rainworth Royals in 1983/84. I am now 34 years old and have just last week found my sash which is so heavy with all the medals I won. Most of them are 1st. I would love to hear more about the band - please feel free to contact me! Kind regards Rhonda

By Rhonda Jack (Roy)
On 12/01/2011

Hi Liz, This is a complete blast from the past!! I was one of the original members of the band way back, when my Grandad, Clifford Gammond started it all off! I still have my Sash's all with 1st medals sewn on them. I also remember helping to lay down and roll flat the practice ground that we used, as well as travelling to Alexandra Palace for the Championships! We were quite a large Band, and had some 144 reserve members!!! I am now 40yrs old, and still have fond memories, of those days, and meeting all the other Jazz Bands and their members. If you want any more information, let me know.

By Mandy Jackson (Calladine)
On 17/08/2011

Hi Liz, I was in the band when it first started up. We all had great times we went to the championships. One at Hendon London and one in Porthcall in Wales. I am 48yrs old. If you want more info please get in touch.

By carole norman
On 26/11/2011