Miners Parade & Gala 1966

Snapshot of events

By Malcolm Marples

These photographs were taken by the CHAD photographer/s as a selection of the events taking place during the day.

The events start with the parade and include various shows, displays, and some of the officials who attended.

Can any of the people be identified and named?

Photo:Head of the March

Head of the March

CHAD 16656

Photo:Crowd in Westgate (Note the old road signs, this was then a main road)

Crowd in Westgate (Note the old road signs, this was then a main road)

CHAD 16657

Photo:Crowd in the Market Place

Crowd in the Market Place

CHAD 16660



CHAD 16658

Photo:Sherwood Float

Sherwood Float

CHAD 16659

Photo:Clipstone Float

Clipstone Float

CHAD 16669

Photo:Thoresby Float

Thoresby Float

CHAD 16675

Photo:Dog Show

Dog Show

CHAD 16661

Photo:Rabbit Show

Rabbit Show

CHAD 16664

Photo:Cage Birds

Cage Birds

CHAD 16680

Photo:Cage Birds

Cage Birds

CHAD 16666

Photo:Fashion Show

Fashion Show

CHAD 16662

Photo:Fashion Show

Fashion Show

CHAD 16681

Photo:Coal Queen

Coal Queen

CHAD 16671

Photo:Coal Queen

Coal Queen

CHAD 16672

Photo:Coal Queen

Coal Queen

CHAD 16670

Photo:Coal Queen

Coal Queen

CHAD 16673

Photo:CISWO Ladies

CISWO Ladies

CHAD 16667

Photo:Donkey rides

Donkey rides

CHAD 16663

Photo:Train rides

Train rides

CHAD 16674

Photo:Punch & Judy

Punch & Judy

CHAD 16677



CHAD 16678



CHAD 16679



CHAD 16676



CHAD 16665

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Comments about this page

Does anyone know what years these were in Berryhill Park? We attended most years and remember dancing in the Bandstand with my mum. I might have been there. Just a few years before we moved to the 'Yeoman Estate', Lansdowne Avenue and Dorchester Drive.

By Jon Hardy (formerly - Tracey Hodgkinson)
On 01/04/2011

The youngish, tall man in the dark suit (in the centre of the first photo and on the right in the last photo) is Richard Marsh. He was Minister of Power 1966-68.

By Greg Collard
On 06/08/2011

I seem to rember one year that Gracie Fields sang on a Stage at one of the Rallys

By M G R
On 18/08/2011

Thanks folks. Does anyone have any memories of the great shows they held in the bandstand (now looking derelict) back in the 60's, and maybe someone recalls my family - William Hardy - Potato Merchant???

By Jon Hardy
On 02/11/2012

Picture 16676 man on right is Albert Martin Secratery of the N.U.M. He is also in the first picture on far left.

By Jon Wing
On 04/03/2014

I recall the shows in the Bandstand. In particular one year there was a marquee in front of the stage to provide cover for the seating laid out on the concrete apron. The group playing were (perhaps) Shadows-inspired, and their repertoire included that old standard "Walking the Dog" - including whistle by the lead singer. I sometimes wonder if this may have been Shane Fenton & the Fentones.

By Peter Burrows
On 10/04/2014

I was on the local TV news, standing beside Harold Wilson when he visited Berry Hill Gala on year. I'd love to be able to track down that clip. Great memories.

By Steve Gad
On 04/04/2018