Yorkshire Penny Bank

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By Penny Bobsworth

This advert from 1929, stirs memories of the days when the way to do banking was to walk into an impressive building, taking your bank book to deposit or withdraw money. I recall having a Yorkshire Penny Bank Book when I was at school, paying in 6 pence (old money) a week when my parents could afford to give it to me. I would still prefer to have a bank book to see what is/or isn't in my account than today's modern methods.

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Hello Penny, I remember the one in Mansfield wasn't it on the corner of Stockwell Gate and West Gate? When I was a child I had an account at the Co-op bank, they gave kids a silver metal money box to put their money in and only the bank had a key to open it. One thing we have in common is I won't have a bank account without a bank book either.

By Peter Bowler
On 10/08/2014

Hi Penny!! intrigued by your pen-name!! Did you work in a Bank?

By Tom Shead
On 12/08/2014