WWII photo ATS Mansfield

Where is it and what did ATS do at this location?

By Fred Palfery

A friend of mine was clearing her late brother's effects and came across the attached official photo with the following handwritten annotation on the back:" August 1940. Mansfield. "A" Company, Group 6 ATS (N)." I have tried to find out more about the Mansfield location and the Auxiliary Territorial Service (N) and all that I can find is that (N) stands for Northern Command and that the inspecting officer shown is Princess Mary (Princess Royal) who was Honorary Controller\Commandant of the ATS. If possible I would like to find out more about the location of the unit shown and the personnel in the photo who might have relevance to my friend.

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It's Mansfield Fire Station with Rosemary Ave in the background.

By Gloria Barkby
On 24/01/2017