When was this taken?

And who is the man?

By Andrew James

I currently live in this house (or part of it anyway) but does anyone recognize this picture and have any idea when it was taken and who may have been the residents at the time? This is the big house in the Hermitage and the front of the picture is the mill pond at the Hermitage.

Any help would be greatly received. 

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To help me decide, could I ask if the Dam is still there please.

By Alan Curtis
On 15/06/2017

The lake is still there as far as I am aware.The house was occupied by, at one point in the not too distant past by Colonel and Mrs Vallance. My late Grandmother was in service there, their live in domestic help for a number of years,beside two others, one being the gardener/driver. Bit vague but perhaps it gives something for you to work with.

By John
On 17/06/2017