V. E. Day Carnival Parade

'Sons of the Pioneers'

By JH & ET

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'V. E. Day Carnival Parade' page

A photo taken at VE Day Mansfield Carnival. The parade went from Great Central Road to Chesterfield Road Ground. The photo is taken where Top Tiles are now [2016].

This group were called 'Sons of the Pioneers' and they won 1st Prize.

John Hazzard is riding the pony on the left, behind him is his cousin John Smith, and on the pony on the right is Pete Hazzard, Johns brother. In the centre, dressed as a woman is Jimmy Coleman. The horses and ponies were owned by Colemans which they hired out, and the outfits were made by Mark Hazzard (a miner), John and Pete's father. 

As kids they always had cowboy outfits and they used to spin lassos as well.

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