Tour of Britain in Mansfield

6th September 2017

By Pauline Marples

Photo:Poster at the old bus station
Photo:Posters over the old bus station
Photo:The Route in Mansfield Museum Window
Photo:Mansfield Museum Window
Photo:Sally Twinkes in Yellow
Photo:Whitegates sporting a yellow bike
Photo:Fun Cyclist at Fidler & Pepper
Photo:Team bus & cars arriving
Photo:In front of the Town Hall
Photo:Team car
Photo:The Market Place is filling up
Photo:Team bus from Switzerland
Photo:Preparing bikes
Photo:Team car
Photo:Team car
Photo:Plenty to see
Photo:Getting busier
Photo:The Freebie Stall
Photo:This is what to do!
Photo:Crowds gathering
Photo:Watching teams being introduced
Photo:Madison Genesis
Photo:Great Britain Cycling Team
Photo:Movistar Team
Photo:Our Councillors about to start the events
Photo:Children cycling up Leeming Street
Photo:Spectators on Leeming Street
Photo:Spectators on Leeming Street
Photo:Here come the cyclists
Photo:The Mansfield start of the Tour of Britain has begun
Photo:On Leeming Street
Photo:Name the team in orange?
Photo:Taking it steady
Photo:Time for a look around
Photo:Time for a chat
Photo:Now what happened to him?
Photo:The final view
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