The Leather Shop & Packer Sports

Retail Business

By Mike Packer

From origins in post WW2 trading The Mansfield Leather Company started retail trading on Station Street in the 1950s. The building is now demolished, below the Railway Inn. When new shops were built on Regent Street Alan Packer (my father) took the bold decision to move The Leather Shop to no.26. Sports goods became an increasing part of the business that had included handicrafts, luggage, handbags, purses, wallets and leather clothing. Membership of the international marketing group Intersport was achieved shortly before Alan's death in 1975. I continued the business in Regent Street and later on Westgate until the Company closed in 2000.

Photo:1950s Station Street

1950s Station Street

Photo:1960 Regent Street

1960 Regent Street

Photo:1970 Packers renaming

1970 Packers renaming

Photo:Late 1970s New sign

Late 1970s New sign

Photo:1990 Westgate Shop

1990 Westgate Shop

Photo:Alan Packer presents a shirt to a Stags player

Alan Packer presents a shirt to a Stags player

Photo:Mike Packer (2nd left) litter bin initiative

Mike Packer (2nd left) litter bin initiative

Photo:Business origins

Business origins

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