Petition at a Mansfield Post Office

September 1984


This Chad Negative just says 'Petition at Mansfield Post Office' - the mystery is which post office, and what was the petition about?

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Chad V8659 14

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The corner door entrance tells me it is the old Platt's Post Office at the top of Old Victoria Street, Mansfield...Used by all and sundry from the surrounding areas... Mr. Platt was a small plump man with glasses who ran the Post Office with his wife, a taller lady who used to work behind a wire fronted cubicle.. I believe Mr Platt looked after the papers' side of the business. In my younger days, the shop was always busy.. It dealt with much of the National Savings Certificates that were so necessary during the war...Under the two large windows either side of the corner door were several wired fasteners that displayed the news posters...across from the Post Office was spare ground that the Salvation Army built their new Citadel, if that is the right word ?..

By alan curtis
On 20/06/2014