Clipstone Colliery a visit by Derek Ezra


By M & P Marples

More photos from the Museums Chad Negative Collection. Maybe someone has more information about the visit, and can name some of the other people in the pictures, or where in the colliery they were taken.

Photo:No 1

No 1

Chad A+3345 16

Photo:No 2

No 2

Chad A+3345 17

Photo:No 3

No 3

Chad A+3345 18

Photo:No 4

No 4

Chad A+3345 19

Photo:No 5

No 5

Chad A+3345 20

Photo:No 6

No 6

Chad A+3345 21

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The people I recognise in the photos are John Brass Manager walking on the right, Merrick Spanton Area Director walking on the left a and of course Derrick Ezzra in the centre. The photos are taken inside the lamp cabin at Clipstone Colliery and the party are making their way to the shaft side to descend the pit.

By Ged Mason
On 28/02/2015