Elizabeth (Bessie) Sheppard - Memorial Stone.

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Thieves Wood Area (Murder).

By Steeve Cee.

Does anyone know if the commemorative stone for Bessie is still in this location. It is very many years since I was in that area, but remember it well from family summer walks as a child. 

The murder of a young Papplewick girl on the Mansfield Road in 1817 is one that is still talked about by some of us even today. It is perhaps for this reason that over many years it has, arguably, become one of the best known ‘Tales from the Mansfield Road’.

These events happened over 200 years ago. 

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As far as I am aware the stone is still there my brother was keen to see this which was about five years ago.  It took some finding but eventually we did.  I think the stone may have been moved at some point by the local council and I think there was some haunting's but not sure of the circumstances.  I think there is new houses that has been built very close to the area but still there.



By jon
On 02/02/2018

Yes the stone is still there. The council cleared the vegetation from around it last year, its quite visible from the road. Its on the edge of the wood about 50meters up from the dip.

By Mark
On 24/02/2018

Glad to hear it Mark, haven't seen it since the fifties, will be having a look again soon - thanks for the interest..

By Steeve. C.
On 27/02/2018