The Field?

Top of Empire / Coronation Streets.

Steeve. C.


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We used to play on 'the field' as we called it back in the fifties. It was located just off Redcliffe Road at the top of the streets mentioned.

Bonfire night celebrations also took place on the field - wondered if the area had been built on or made into a park or whatever.

Sadly I have no photos of the field, maybe some survived somewhere perhaps? I will check this area out on my next Mansfield visit.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'The Field?' page

It was a 'popular playground' for many of the local youngsters.


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By "The Field" Do you mean by any chance "Jackson's Field" not on Redcliffe road, but not far up, overlooked by Bolsover/Montague streets?? This is a big area, if you do mean this area, then yes, it has a large basketball court in the centre and paths running around the outside of the lower slope. If I am right, you can access this from Corporation St at the dead end, from Redcliffe road I think.

By John
On 16/01/2018

Maybe Jackson's Hill. Where many good sledging times were had when the snow came.  Has now a lot of buildings built on it. But the hill is still there.

By Alan Curtis
On 16/01/2018

Thanks for the interest gents, don't recall it being referred to as Jackson's Field /  Hill. That's not to say it wasn't known by the name.

Yes we did sledge in the area and even down Coronation Street, not so many cars running about back in those days! As for the location access, this was also available from King Street as well plus a couple of other streets as mentioned above.

It certainly has changed a bit over these many years which is not surprising. I believe we were also able to walk over the field en route to Mill Street and beyond. I'm sure the sledging area or part of it was referred to as the 'Devils Elbow'. Definitely having a look soon (with camera to hand). 

By Steeve. C.
On 17/01/2018

I worked on this area when the sports/recreation facilities where put onto the field. You can access this area from Mill street, and looking downward, you can do the same from Coronation/Corporation street, and about two more if I remember rightly. Our compound was at the very end of Mill street. The name of Jackson's Field was as it was told to me.

By John
On 18/01/2018

Birkland / Bentinct / Scarcliffe / Bolsover streets are also 'off the field'. I thought Corporation Street was nearer town? Interesting that you worked in the area during various projects, I take your point ref the Jacksons Field tag John - you now have me wondering who 'Jackson' was!


By Steeve. C.
On 19/01/2018

Steeve, I may have Corporation street wrong, I know there is one beginning with C around there, it tees off from Redcliffe road??? And of course Bolsover street overlooks, as does Montague street if memory serves once again. We created the basketball court and footpaths, and put the cycle barriers etc in, when this facility was created. And the name we were told for the area was indeed, Jacksons Field.

By John
On 26/01/2018

Yes indeed John, Corporation Street is further away in the town area, otherwise all correct. 'What year approx, were the improvements made to the field? I spent much of my early childhood around there and only a couple of minutes away from the old 'Rock Houses'  - yet another play area in those days.

By Steeve. C.
On 26/01/2018

Steeve, I think the work was done on there around 15 or more years ago by the then Mansfield District Council "CEDLO" Based at Hermitage Lane. Funny you mention the Rock Houses, I was reading about them recently, not much survives except a few frontages. You would think that a little more would actually have been made of them considering their historical significance in this area. 

By John
On 31/01/2018

Thanks for the info John, can't wait to visit, hopefully in the spring. It's sure to be an eye opener and I'm looking forward to it! Agree with your Rock Houses comment as well, maybe we'll have to dig a bit deeper, there are no doubt many more related tales to be told!

By Steeve. C.
On 04/02/2018

Hi John and Steeve.C. I was interested in your chat about the Rock Houses because Mansfield  District  Council did in fact do some work on one of them near the main road. I not sure if it was in the late 70s or early 80s but a steel door and a steel framed wìndow were installed for people to view inside.The floor had been slabbed and a wooden table and chairs put in along with a collection of plates, pots and pans. We installed a hidden light which was controlled from a time lag switch outside. We had to check this light every Friday morning for safety reasons. One Friday we found that some of the roof had collapsed so it was all closed down.Nothing has ever been done to rectify the problem which is a shame as it gave people some insight into how the Rock House dwellers lived.

By Pete Higgins
On 07/02/2018

Hello Pete, thanks for your input there. I have passed these place countless times going up the hill there below Fittapart, and having read about these places in the old Mansfield books and the cave dwellers who lived there, have often imagined how they must have lived. It is a shame that the project you were part of has not lasted longer for more people to see, but if safety issues were a factor then I suppose one can see why, still a shame though. The steel door is still wide open on one, to reveal blockwork behind, further along it looks as though someone has incorporated part of something into their garden layout, steps etc which look old.

By John
On 12/02/2018

I believe the field in question is what a lot of local people refer to as Jackson's field.  I recently read that the Council have fenced off a portion of the field to create a community orchard.  With regards to the old rock gt gt Grandfather, John Bramwell, was the last resident in them, he died in 1900.  Thankfully his little cave home still survives intact. It was situated further back than all the others and protected from the elements. With regards to the other's facing Rock Hill, I know the Heritage Trust were recently involved and after an expensive survey it was mentioned that maybe a couple could be saved. I haven't heard anymore since. 

By Angela Bramwell
On 10/02/2018

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