What we are looking for

The Type of Content

The type of content are we looking for?

The type of content we publish on this site is anything to do with life in Mansfield and area, past or present. This could be:

  • an old photo of Mansfield, and/or area
  • a new photo recording some aspect of the area today
  • memories of life in Mansfield and area
  • information about some aspect of the area

See what others have done

Look round our site to see what other people have added. Most people just add one photo or one paragraph of text. Others add whole photo galleries or sections of the site.


Specific requests for research - we suggest you contact Family History & Local History Societies, newspapers and libraries for this.

Specific requests for photographs or other information as we do not include peoples personal contact details on our web pages, this is to avoid people receiving mail or emails that could cause them distress.


We are unable to supply these from pages on the web site


This page was added on 18/09/2009.